Taking away the hassle of property management.

TAT Maintenance helps landlords in Toronto efficiently maintain their properties and increase their ROI.


Our Offerings

TAT Maintenance makes your life easier by understanding the complex requirements of property management and helping you efficiently outsource all tasks in the domain to us. Our offerings include a plethora of facilities such as:

  • Renting Tasks: Rental listings, tenant selection, handling paperwork, rent collection, managing taxes, etc.
  • Surveillance: Regular monitoring of the property to make sure that it remains in optimum health.
  • Repairs:Resolving every small household repair like plumbing tasks, faulty electricity lines, broken furniture, etc.



Benefits You Gain

Property Management services from TAT Maintenance comes with multiple benefits for you and your properties:

  • Customized Management Plans: The management plan that you opt for will be specifically designed and personalized according to your needs and requirements. You choose your own Period.
  • Maximization of ROI: Our management efforts make sure that you get the maximum out of your property investment.
  • Minimization of Vacancy: It is often seen that tenants vacate properties that are in bad Maintenance requires you to be in constant touch with the tenants and understand their needs and complains. TAT Maintenance takes care of everything for you.
  • Time-Saving: Outsourcing property management keeps you away from fretting over small and recurrent property issues and helps you focus better on other revenue generating prospects.


TAT Maintenance is one of the finest property managers in Toronto with the right kind of resources and systems to deploy the most cost-effective techniques to maintain your real-estate investments. Get in touch today!